Better Performance Through Innovation

How GeoSync make a better LNB

The GeoSync brand represents professional performance in satellite signal reception equipment and our most popular LNB’s are an example of just how far we are prepared to go to get a better signal.  For the UK and Ireland, where the elliptical satellite dish has become the standard, GeoSync have made a number of changes to ensure that it is easier to get a better signal, these include:

  • The wider neck on the LNB which places the clamp in the correct position to get the opening of the feedhorn at the focal point of the dish, this peaks the signal level and quality.
  • A recess on the angle markings highlights the zone which aligns the orientation of the LNB with the Astra 28.2 satellite that beams both Sky and Freesat signals down to us.  
  • Every UK LNB is supplied fitted with a GeoSync bracket to fit the MK4 elliptical dishes and includes a spirit level to help ensure the dish is vertical.

Hidden out of sight is probably the most significant innovation.  In striving to make a better LNB GeoSync engineers looked at the standard feedhorn design and ways to passively improve the focus before the electronics start to process the signal.

To quote our Senior Brand Manager, Chris Sayers: 

If a better lens makes a better camera, a better wave-guide makes a better LNB

As you can see from the picture the traditional rings at the opening to the feedhorn have been replaced with a cone formed from a number of spikes to form the wave-guide.

– Patent 208240883 U – Toothed cone waveguide

– Patent 208863000 U – Wave-guide assembly

The results speak for themselves: not only an improved Forward Gain


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… but also better impedance matching as shown by a much improved VSWR (Variable Standing Wave Ratio).

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A better VSWR ensures that more of the signal collected by the LNB is delivered into the cable and ultimately to the receiver.

Try one of the range of GeoSync LNB’s to see just how good they are and how straight-forward to install.



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